Chiara Bartolozzi talked about neuroscience and robotics at the NEUROSpritz event in Savona

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Chiara Bartolozzi presented "The Neuromorphic iCub" at EANCC workshop in Amsterdam.

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The submission of regular papers and live demos for AICAS2020 is now open!

The 2nd IEEE Int. Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems will take place in Genova Italy in March 2020. It is a great chance to submit your paper and/or demo on artificial intelligence circuits and systems.

Deadline: 30th September 2019

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Science Perspective

Neuromorphic circuits impart a sense of touch”, latest news on Science about neuromorphic approach to the design of tactile sensors that can interface with living tissue

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New PhD call

PhD call is now open! Research themes focus on ED vision for detecting falling objects during manipulation and corrective actions, ED vision and touch for object recognition and manipulation, ED vision for fast control of the robot when interacting with moving objects. Deadline for application: 13th June 2017

ICRA 2017

Keynote talk @ ICRA 2017 WS on event-based vision

VVV17 International Winter School

VVV17 International Winter School on Humanoid Robot Programming: ED robotics day! Students were challenged with assignment on ED selective attention

New eye for ICub

The new eye of the neuromorphic iCub is ready and at work! It features two cameras in each eye: one large field of view ED sensor (ATIS) and one 1.3Mpixels traditional camera from OnSemiconductor

Ball Tracking @ IROS 2016 finalist of RoboCup Best Paper Award

The fast temporal-dynamics and intrinsic motion segmentation of event-based cameras are beneficial for robotic tasks that require low-latency visual tracking and control, for example a robot catching a ball. When the event-driven iCub humanoid robot grasps an object its head and torso move, inducing camera motion, and tracked objects become no longer trivially segmented amongst the mass of background clutter.